Photo 28 Jul 22 notes Milan’s 2014/2015 Serie A Calendar

Milan’s 2014/2015 Serie A Calendar

Text 27 Jul 4 notes Is it too late to give Agazzi back?

Photo 27 Jul 4 notes
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Text 26 Jul 1 note Galliani on Robinho, Cerci, Mastour and more…

ADRIANO GALLIANI has assured Douglas Costa is out of reach and in any case Milan can buy before Robinho leaves.

The defeat to Olympiakos proved that Milan are in need for reinforcements. Milan were without a number of important players and the players that took the field against the Greek were humbled as they conceded three goals.

The Rossoneri’s number one concern appears to be a right winger but the midfield and defense were also very poor on Thursday night. Before the match, Adriano Galliani, who is in Italy and not with the squad in America, addressed the market.

“Robinho? We are waiting for more offers, we’ll see after Monday. Orlando City? We are in very advanced talks, but the negotiation won’t be completed successfully, we are very distant. The offer and the request are very distant. Robinho like Kakà? Not necessarily, things might go in a different way,” Vice President and CEO Galliani told the press yesterday.

Milan have made it clear that they are unable to buy players before others leave and Robinho is blocking everything at the moment. “Alessio Cerci? As long as Robinho doesn’t leave, we won’t be able to do anything, if and when he’ll leave, we’ll think about it,” he added. “Adel Taarabt (who is reportedly still waiting for an offer to return to Milan)? It’s a possibility, but Pippo prefers a left-footed attacker and we’ll try to satisfy his request. Douglas Costa? I never discussed him with anyone. Costa is a very strong player, but also very expensive because he has a €50 million release clause so he’s out of reach.

“Balotelli? Gandini and coach Inzaghi inform me of how he behaves, but he’s a great player and we must not demonize him. Mastour? He’s a very talented kid, we need to make him grow without giving him too many responsibilities. We managed to keep him even though many wanted him. At 16 he could have left for free, but luckily we kept him. He’s a player of the 1st team, he’ll always train with them, then we’ll see where he’ll play on Sunday’s (1st team or Primavera).”

It was reported earlier this week that Filippo Inzaghi has decided that he wants Zaccardo to stay at the club and blocks his exit. He might have changed his mind after last night. In any case, Inzaghi claims Galliani knows what his needs are.


Text 25 Jul 3 notes

Anonymous said: so here it goes... 1. do you agree that almost every time, if not all, pre season games say a lot of whats coming? 2. will Cerci be coming ( will robinho ever leave? ) and do you think Inzagi will make it, top 3 or at least EL positions, counting that Roma, Juve and Napoli reinforce very well during this market.

I do believe that preseason matches can somewhat show what the upcoming season will be like, or at least the beginning of the season. But also we must keep in mind that it’s a chance for trying out players and formations and whatever else. (I had to keep telling myself this during yesterday’s match.) Olympiacos had more regular players on the pitch than Milan for the most part and Milan also played many younger, less first team experienced players as well. 

I really don’t know how to comment on whether or not Cerci will be coming. I would like him to, honestly. I am a fan of Cerci and I like to think he could be valuable to Milan if they decide to make a move for him. And as far as Robinho goes, he has been here too long! He’s basically been useless the past few seasons unfortunately. I feel as though there’s been more talk of him leaving during this summer market than any other time, so he may just make a move to Brazil (if a team will take him) and then off to Orlando he will go.

I think it’d be a miracle if we make the top 3 this season. Maybe Europa League…maybe. Although we’re not in Europe this season so we might just have a slightly better chance to make it near the top of the table and find ourselves a place in a European tournament. Guess we’ll just have to see.

Text 24 Jul 5 notes This match against Olympiacos better not be how the 14/15 season goes.

I will be highly disappointed once again.

Text 24 Jul

thebarcalife said: your thoughts on Hachim Mastour?

I think he’s fantastic! But I’m not sure he’ll get very much playing time this season though.

I think he definitely has a the potential to become a great footballer for Milan.

Text 24 Jul 3 notes Oh how I wish Zaccardo made a move to Turkey.

But noooo. He wanted to stay to try and impress Inzaghi. 

Well, you’re not doing too great in this preseason match against Olympiacos.

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